09 Oct

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I would advise anyone interested in anything Arthurian to join Arthurnet (name has link attached); an online mailing-list for scholars and laymen alike. Even if you don’t partake in the discussions you can learn a great deal just by studying the searchable archives, which go back to 1993 (which you don’t actually have to be a member to access) or the posts you’ll receive from members. Within these discussion you’ll even find Arthurian scholars and authors debating their theories or asking questions in preparation for their next paper or book. (Recently Arthurian author Geoffrey Ashe posted a question).

Its members are a mixture of those who are interested in or studying the literary Arthur, those searching for the historical Arthur, those who don’t think there was an historical Arthur, those that do and those who are agnostic … a great mix, which leads to some great debates.

The list moderator, Judith Shoaf Ph.D, has a website that explains the process of being with Arthurnet, and you can click HERE to go there.

I have learned just as much from being a member as I have from reading Arthurian books, if not more at times. So if you have the same passion, or even just an interest, get over there now and start digging.

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6 responses to “Arthurnet

  1. Foundations

    October 15, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    I don’t mean to slander behind peoples backs but personally I would only recommend Arthurnet to people who they consider fellow “scholars” and those who are submissive to such “scholarship”, and only people who are interested in the literary and “esoteric” aspects/views of Arthurian not historical. I found I was just openly/quietly/subtly despised and ignored etc as an “unscholarly” exoteric. (I am the one who posted the King Arthur-Sutton Hoo theory and King Arthur-Hoxne theory on there.)
    But I certainly agree that one can learn/pick-up alot of interesting bits and pieces from the posters there. (As one can see I have in my own wordpress uk/arthur page.)
    There is also a good Arthurian group on facebook.
    Most of my own best learning has been from books more than any internet forums. But there is a time/place for everything.
    Your own blog has been interesting/useful too. There are a few other good sites like vortigern studies (is that the one associated with arthurnet?), arthurpedia, etc, but they aren’t/don’t have discussion forums/lists like arthurnet.

    • badonicus

      October 15, 2011 at 7:02 pm

      Thanks for the comment.

      I don’ think Arthurnet is for everyone, and each individual needs to find the forum best suited to them. However, I disagree that it it is only for those interested in the literary or esoteric aspects of Arthur, and I’ve been involved in (and read many) posts on the historical Arthur question.

      The Facebook group is good with a eclectic mix of people.

      Robert Vermaat (of Vortigern Studies) is a member of Arthurnet, but it has no actual affiliation with it. There are some great articles at Vortigern Studies covering the period in general as well as Arthur through the Faces Of Arthur section. Another of his excellent forum sites is Roman Army Talk.

      • Tim

        October 15, 2011 at 9:43 pm

        I was an Arthurnet subscriber in the 1990s and have fond memories of it. In those days, as now, my main interests were historical/archaeological rather than literary but I found plenty of useful info in Arthurnet discussions. In those days an Internet forum wasn’t like the ones we see today. It was basically a stream of email messages dropping into each subscriber’s mailbox. I remember several long discussions (consisting of replies emailed to the Arthurnet server) with the subject line ‘Historical Arthur’. These usually induced an interesting mix of viewpoints from across the entire field of Arthurian studies, ranging from those who ‘believed’ to those who regarded Arthur as a literary or mythological creation. From what Mak says, it seems the same mix of opinions/interests is still happening. However, the old Arthurnet was associated with the journal ‘Arthuriana’ which is primarily literary, and not everyone on the forum wanted to spend all their time talking about whether or not Arthur really existed. Things tended to work best when people remembered to strike a balance between their own interests and those of everyone else, so that one topic didn’t monopolise the forum for days on end.

      • badonicus

        October 16, 2011 at 7:10 am

        Well, it can still happen that a particular subject goes on for days – be that about the literary or the historical Arthur – but Judy is pretty good at saying when enough is enough.

        I would say it still has more members interested in the literary figure, but there are still plenty who want to debate the possible historical figure and are willing to keep a open mind about it.

  2. Foundations

    October 17, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    The facebook group or/& arthurnet is how i found your site.
    I think it was arthuriana not vortigern studies that is the one connected with arthurnet that i meant.
    Quite a few arthurians are on too.
    Are there any other groups/lists other than/as well as arthurnet?
    Maybe you could compile a list of arthurian (& general time/place bracket) sites. intute has a few but are mostly just introductory type ones.
    Yes they do seem to have had a bit more historical in latest week.
    Sometimes i wish arthurnet would allow a way to p.m. other members off the public list esp since the list “isn’t for everyone”. There are a few posters like kamlesh etc i like more than the others though they all have good stuff.
    Anyway enough minor talk from me.

  3. esmeraldamac

    October 25, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Gosh, their format’s very difficult to penetrate and I have no idea how to subscribe! I did have a firtle though the content though, and found one very impassioned comment from someone who I know from elsewhere to have very off-piste and emotional views on the subject. Boo :(

    I guess they key, like anything connected with Arthur, is to keep your sensible head on when others don’t.


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